"Now, we are in the midst of a discovery of even greater magnitude, but few are even acknowledging it. And incredibly, it is what many regard as the modern icon of quack science - unidentified objects, traditionally labeled UFOs, that may represent technological equipment manufactured by an advanced extraterrestrial civilization."

IGAAP - Research


The members of the Interdisciplinary Society for the Analysis of Anomalous Phenomena (IGAAP) conduct their research on the basis of the confirmed fact that artificially produced objects of unknown origin are regularly observed in the atmosphere visually and by radar. To develop a theoretical explanation the physical charcteristics of these objects must be known. For this purpose, scientists of IGAAP have already collected more than 1,800 cases from literature and witness testimonies which contain descriptions of certain interactions between these objects and the environment. IGAAP's objective is to search for new physical theories which can help to explain the characteristics as well as the origin of these objects. IGAAP escpecially emphasizes the assistance of witnesses who made contact with unknown phenomena.


Chairman of IGAAP is the physicist Illobrand von Ludwiger (member of the MUFON Science Review Board) who has been investigating these phenomena for over 40 years.


As an introduction to the very complex UFO topic, we recommend the excellent documentary by American filmmaker James Fox, The Phenomenon.