The EMG Project



In 1983 the German-speaking Central European Section of MUFON (MUFON-CES) published a collection consisting of cases in which UFOs showed electro-magnetic and gravitative interactions with their surroundings (Schneider 1983). That data collection contained about 1,300 of such cases. (Meanwhile, the EMG database contains more than 1,800 cases and many of the old cases that were already in the database have been revised and complemented).


The knowledge of these data is important, as for the development of a consistent theory about UFOs all the physical properties of the phenomenon have to be known. First and foremost, a scientist should be concerned with the core of the phenomenon, and that is physical interactions (Brand 1975). Since these effects can hardly be pretended by the strange intelligence in the UFOs, the  physical effects stored in the database can be considered as hard facts.  


We got the data concerned from books, newspapers, journals and from the cases in the German-speaking area investigated by our members. We only have a small collection of all of the EMG-cases reported worldwide, since our members can only read reports written in English, French and German from our voluminous library of books and journals about UFOs. Some members also  understand Spanish and Russian, but only few sources for EMG cases in these languages are in our possession. Now, IGAAP is currently updating the EMG catalogue in order to obtain further data for a physical theory that can explain the characteristics shown by UFOs. 


Therefore, we ask for the help of MUFON members worldwide. In many countries (other than USA, England, Canada, Australia) there are special UFO journals likely to be published which we do not have access to. MUFON members in such countries who read those journals might find EMG reports in them. In that case we would appreciate to be informed about such cases (in a short coded form - see below). In return to such information the informant will get access to the whole EMG data collection if they send us as many as ten EMG cases which have been reported in the respective country.


In most cases the original sources with datailed reports are not available, but only quotations in secondary literature can be found. Therefore, it is difficult for us to judge the quality of such reports, which lowers the value of the EMG database from the beginning. First of all, the data collection shall give an overview on the quantity of the reported interactions. Only in a few cases high-quality correlations will be ascertained, for instance between a car-stop and the distance of an unknown flying object.


Please see the June 2015 edition of the MUFON UFO Journal for further information on this project and preliminary findings (PDF-Download).



Required EMG Data


We are looking for UFO reports in which the following datails are reported:

  • on/off-switch-processes (car-motors, lights, TVs, radio, electronic devices, batteries, clocks, telephones, computers, cameras ...
  • heat (burns, sweating, temperature measurements, evaporations ...)
  • radiation (infrared, radioactive and ultraviolet rays, skin burns, fluorescence ...)
  • cooling (drops of temperature, cooling sensation, cold ...)
  • physiological effects (paralysis, vacuum effect, unconsciousness, light sensitivity, electric shock, insomnia, nausea, prickling, numbness, pain ...)
  • levitation (lifting of objects, water, animals, humans ...)
  • pressure (ground prints, being pressed to the ground, breaking of branches ...)
  • magnetic effects (for example on magnetic compasses, magnetization ...)
  • electric effects (static electricity, change in the brightness of street-lights ...)
  • vibration (mechanic, field vibration ...)
  • solid lights (rays with defined ends ...)
  • shape shifting (form changing, vanishing, doubling, fusion ...)
  • special effects (Faraday effect ...)

The information shall be given in the coded form with the following details as far as they are known:

  • location
  • date
  • local time
  • number of objects
  • shape
  • size
  • distance
  • altitude
  • color
  • number of witnesses
  • cited source
  • original source
  • speacial features: (short text in which the EMG-characteristics are mentioned; see above)

Please send your EMG-reports by e-mail to the following address:



EMG-Cases and Heim's Theory


An analysis of EMG-cases from the database in 1983, for example, leads to the conclusion that for the development of a theory about UFO propulsion systems the following characteristics must be taken into consideration:


  1. electromagnetic interference (i.e. car-stops and disturbances of electrical devices)
  2. mechanical effects (i.e. levitation of objects in the surroundings of UFOs)
  3. physiological effects (i.e. paralysis, sunburn, prickling sensation)
  4. cold effects (if they aren't overlapped by secondary heat effects)
  5. disappearances (becoming transparent, shrinking)

Point 4 means that theoretical formulations like a magneto-hydrodynamics-device (MHD) as a possible propulsion system for UFOs is not sufficient for explaining many types of UFOs. In today's physics there is no explanation for a generation of cold by physical fields or radiation. To our knowledge the only theory which predicts such an eppearence of cold is the unified field theory by Burkhard Heim (1925-2001) (Heim 1983, 1989). In this theory cold arises if matter interacts with gravitational waves. In contrast to interactions with electromagnetic radiation which leads to an increase of entropy (as well as temperature and disorder) gravitational interactions should lead to a decrease of entropy and an increase of order and a dropping of temperature. The fact that in the surroundings of a UFO only seldom a cooling effect was registered but more frequently enormous heat probably is a consequence of the secondary produced radiation of microwaves. If gravitational waves are emitted by the surface of an unknown object, they must have the form of saw tooths or pulses, because only such shocks could ionize the surrounding air and can stipulate the atoms to shine as bright as observed (Beck 1977). Simultaneously, the free electrons swing with the frequency of the gravitational wave and generate microwaves by their swinging in step. This microwave radiation produces a temperature the effects of which are higher than those of  gravitational radiation.


Since the gravitational waves in Heim's theory are accompanied by strong magnetic fields, the pulsed gravitational waves are also accompanied by pulsed magnetic fields. Pulsed magnetic fields are able to stop car motors by means of an electromagnetic interference (point 1). In the surroundings of UFOs very strong magnetic fields have been observed. These examples show that we must learn more about physical effects and their correlations in order to develop an adequate theory for a UFO propulsion. In the EMG-database of 1983 we only have 32 cases with cooling effects. This number is too small yet for a stringent confirmation of the physical theory. But in the meantime many more such cases have been reported (for instance: Schuessler, 1996)


Disappearances of solid objects are impossible in the 4-dimensional spacetime. The Heim theory mentioned requires a 6-dimensional space in which a relativity principle could at least basically explain such effects (von Ludwiger 1978, Brand 1979). The validity of that theory depends on the observed EMG-effects. Therefore, a big database is important.





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The MUFON-CES Reports can be downloaded here.