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There is now a wealth of evidence of a bona fide UFO phenomenon, distinct from human technology and natural phenomena. Despite this evidence, the UFO phenomenon has been ignored by mainstream scientists, politicians and the media for decades and is highly socially tabooed. To this day, the main contributions to the research on the UFO phenomenon come from the voluntary work of interested laymen and trained scientists and are privately funded by them.


Due to very limited funding, it is hardly possible to conduct research to the standards demanded by mainstream science - and our work therefore always remains incomplete. Public funding cannot be obtained for our field of interest, since UFO phenomenon research is still not recognized by the scientific community, and on the other hand we are often reproached for not working "scientifically enough" - a vicious circle! The acquisition of high-quality measuring equipment is just as impossible as the professional translation of scientific papers into English.


UFO phenomenon research is not in trouble because "there is nothing to research", as UFO skeptics always claim, but because there is simply not enough money to work permanently on a high-quality level.

For the future, it is therefore important that we pursue unconventional ways of funding - one of these possibilities is crowdfunding.


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